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Lutheran Services of Florida (LSF) wants Family Child Care Homes to offer Early Head Start in Duval.
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2015-2016 School Readiness Provider Orientations
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Youth Development Training Opportunities
If you are a child care provider who serves school-aged children, check out JCC's offering of trainings for Youth Development trainings.

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VPK Assessment Strategies
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2015 Legislative Priorities
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SR Curriculum
Click here for the final 2014-15 Approved School Readiness Curricula List. For more information regarding curriculum, please contact the Office of Early Learning or view answers to frequently asked questions.

Documentation of Attendance Policy
The Documentation of Attendance Policy has been developed based on Florida Rules and our SR and VPK Provider Contracts. View the policy and rules on our Legislation & New Rules web page.

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Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

VPK Eligibility FAQs

What Is Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)? A State Constitutional Amendment Passed By Florida’s Voters In November 2002 Requires A Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Program For All Four-Year-Old Children By Fall 2005. The Program Is Designed To Prepare Four-Year-Old Children For Kindergarten And Build The Foundations For Their Educational Success And Is Provided At No Cost To The Parent. This Program Is Voluntary For Children And Providers.

When is my child eligible for VPK? To be eligible, your child must be four-years-old by September 1st of their program year. Children who are born AFTER September 1st are NOT eligible until the following year. You must also reside in Florida to be eligible.

How do I register my child for VPK? The child's parent or guardian must register online at and electronically submit proof of eligibility when completing the application; these are documents showing the parent's address and the child's date of birth. The address on the proof of residency must match the address on the application. Families may also visit our offices during walk in hours (7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.) to use our computers and scanners to enroll in VPK.

What documentation do I need? You need to bring 1 proof of your child's age and 1 proof of your current address. We are also asking you to provide your child's Social Security number as well. Usually for proof of age, parents provide a birth certificate or passport; or find other options for proof of age. For proof of residency, parents usually provide a current driver's license or state id; however, there are other documents that may also be used for proof of residency. Check out examples of what documentation you need to bring.

Do I need to bring my child's Social Security Number? We are asking parents to provide their child's Social Security number on the application.

Does my proof of residency need to match the address on the application? Yes, the proof of residency must be current and must match the address provided on the application.

Can I use the summer session and the school year session? No; you choose one or the other session.

Which summer session can I use? Children who are four by September 1st, and DID NOT attend during the school year, may choose the summer session that may begin no earlier than May 1.

Where does my child attend VPK? Where your child attends VPK is up to you; preschools, faith based programs, Family Child Care Homes and early learning facilities all participate in the VPK program. (The public school system in Duval County only participates in the summer program, at present.) VPK enrollment is based on the county in which you want to attend, NOT on which county you live. You may live in the surrounding county and enroll your child in a Duval County provider through ELC of Duval; you may NOT use a ELC of Duval certificate/voucher for a provider in another county. Please contact Episcopal Children's Services for VPK in the surrounding counties.

When does it start? You can choose a school year or summer program. The school year program includes a Fall or Winter schedule, or you can choose the Summer program. The Fall VPK program, begins no earlier than the first day of public school but may begin as late as October. The Fall program may end between April and late May. The VPK Winter program begins in January and ends in June. They both deliver the 540 instructional hours.

The Summer program begins anytime after May 1st and is 300 instructional hours.

Where can I find a VPK provider? We encourage every family to consider quality when choosing a VPK provider.To help you look for quality, please check out our Quality Checklist.
A listing of VPK providersin alphabetical order and by ZIP code is also available. To see detailed information, visit our VPK Provider Profiles Inquiry page. If you would like a customized referral of VPK providers based on your nearest intersection, please contact CCR&R.

How do I enroll my child with a provider? Once your child is signed-up you will be given a VPK Certificate. The white copy is yours to keep and you give the yellow copy to the provider of your choice. It is the yellow copy that enrolls your child into the VPK program.

Can I transfer my child to another provider? The State of Florida will allow each VPK enrollee to transfer to another center one time. Please be sure visit the center where you plan to have your child attend so you can reduce the need for a transfer certificate. You will be required to provide the name of the new center where you would like for your child to attend in order to receive the transfer certificate.

What is my responisibility regarding having my child evaluated AFTER their VPK year is over? Children who go to public school will take a readiness assessment during the first few weeks of Kindergarten. This is VERY IMPORTANT in determining your child's readiness for school AND the State of Florida uses this data to give your child's VPK Provider a Readiness Rate each year. If you attend a private school you may need to contact your assigned PUBLIC SCHOOL to coordinate having your child take the evaluation. You may also contact:
Cathy Parker at 904-208-2040 x 206
or by Email

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